April 19, 2024
Carbide pioneer Boehlerit Oberkochen celebrates its 25th company anniversary

Carbide pioneer Boehlerit Oberkochen celebrates its 25th company anniversary

Carbide pioneer Boehlerit Oberkochen celebrates its 25th company anniversary

Kapfenberg/Oberkochen (A/D) At the end of June, carbide pioneer Boehlerit from Kapfenberg/Austria celebrated the 25th anniversary of its German manufacturing company in Oberkochen. As part of the celebrations, long-time employees were also awarded.

Cutting materials and tooling specialist Boehlerit ensures worldwide process reliability and efficiency with cutting materials, semi-finished products and precision tools as well as tool systems for milling, turning, drilling and forming. The company, founded in 1932 and family-owned since 1991, is part of the Brucklacher Group (Bilz, Boehlerit and Leitz) with over 800 employees worldwide, has 3 production sites, a total of 12 subsidiaries and is represented worldwide. global with over 50 business partners.

The renowned industrial carbide company Boehlerit Oberkochen, which specializes in the production of high-quality wear products, celebrated its 25th anniversary on June 30, 2023 with an impressive anniversary celebration. The goal of locating the company in the Ostalp was also impressive. The high requirements of the world market leader Leitz in Oberkochen, to supply profile tools for hard machining in up to five days, led to the establishment of the Boehlerit carbide production in the district town of Ostalb in the eastern Württemberg region in 1998 . Boehlerit Oberkochen has been a major player in the carbide industry for a quarter of a century and has built an excellent reputation for its high quality products.

The anniversary celebration took place in the festively decorated Ölweihersaal of the Leitz company and offered the numerous guests a unique opportunity to experience the history and development of the company up close. The event started with a warm welcome from the Sales Director, Mr. Thomas Renfordt. The managing director of Boehlerit GmbH & Co.KG, Mr. Johann Werl, and the chairman of the supervisory board and shareholder, Ms. Dr. Cornelia Brucklacher, the importance of the anniversary, emphasized the historical aspects and thanked the employees for their contributions. More speeches followed by Mr. Jürgen Köppl, Managing Director of the Leitz Company, Mr. Michael Voss, Managing Director of the Bilz Company and the Mayor of Oberkochen, Peter Traub. In his remarks, the mayor underlined the company’s importance to the local economy and recognized its contribution to job creation and the promotion of industry in the region.

The highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly honoring the longtime employees who have been with the company since its founding. The jubilant Viktor Heck, Siegfried Hünenthal, Alexander Kling, Andreas Kölzer, Georg Kuss, Kai Lippik, Roswitha Müller, Viktor Pister, Wolfgang Prickler, Rainer Rösgen, Hans-Peter Röttinger and Bernd Sauter received a personal award and were honored for the them many years of loyalty to the valued company. This recognition reflects the company philosophy. The Boehlerit Oberkochen anniversary celebration was not only an opportunity to celebrate the past, but also offered a glimpse into the future. The company plans to further expand its market position and offer innovative solutions to industry challenges. With a strong team and a clear vision, Boehlerit is poised to successfully shape the next 25 years.

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