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The sentence was addressed to Irene and Harald Scherz, and they did something: they played two short pieces in the Bernardi Hall, which were sung by the young people of the parish.

After another performance the following year, the association was founded in 1980 and then there was a break, “because I was born and my parents built the house,” says Florian Scherz, current director of the “Theater im Neukloster “.

The restart then took place in 1984 with the first theatrical fairy tale. “My parents wanted to play something for Christmas to keep the kids busy while the parents get ready – there were three shows, one on Christmas Eve and two the weekend before.”

wrn28bs jokes baby photo

Florian Scherz took to the stage very early.

Private, private

The fairy tale pieces were purchased and the music was written by Andreas Mitisek, a man from Neustadt who has long lived in the United States as a well-known conductor and opera expert. Scherz: “he He wrote the music, he came to Wiener Neustadt for two weeks, rehearsed it with the ensemble and flew home again”.

This continued until 2006. The following year there was a performance for the first time at the “Theater im Neukloster”, because “Peter Pan” from 1994 was rescheduled. “But the music was just on an old tape, so I rearranged it and wrote three or four songs myself. I had learned a lot from Andreas Mitisek and, with the consent of my parents, I was allowed to try it out: for me it was a leap into the depths,” recalls Scherz.

“Grown up” on the stage of the theater

The attempt was well received and since 2008 he has been composing the music for the fairy tales. The Scherz family was and is a family of talented self-taught. “My father was a branch manager in a bank, my mother a housewife, we just grew up.” Florian and his sister Michaela Mikesch, also at the request of their parents, learned “normal” jobs, but acting was in their blood.

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Franz Baldauf, Franz Baldauf

Thanks to the fact that professionals like Mitisek or Gustl Dierkes (singer of the Baden stage) have repeatedly collaborated with the “Theater im Neukloster”, “were able to do something different with us than with the other stages”, the project continued to developer continues: “We learned a lot from the pros,” says Scherz. The first fairy tales were bought by the Baden theater, “but they had more technical possibilities and actors, so my mother always rewrote them.” From 1990 all lyrics came from Irene Scherz.

Theater as a full-time job

The fairy tales were followed by comedies in the spring and then musicals. Joke: “Now it’s a full-time job for me and my mother.” That’s why the 42-year-old computer scientist decided to make theater his job. “A 40-hour job in Vienna and the theater next door is impossible. There is too much organization involved in that.

When his father died in 2021, he took over the theater and did it all by himself for one season: “I was artistic director for 15 years, but I just found out what else there was to do.” thus the association was reorganized and long-time colleagues were introduced to the board. “We have positioned ourselves much broader. It was important to me that it was not a one-man show. It’s been a big change, but things are going well.”

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Florian Scherz studied computer science and now works as a freelancer for the association.

NÖN, Steinbock

What he hopes for the future: “That the number of spectators stabilizes again. We complain at a high level, but our capacity utilization is 82% instead of 93% for fairy tales and 70% instead of 80% for musicals compared to pre-Corona numbers.

If everything keeps getting more expensive, it would be dangerous for the theater in the long run and that’s why you’re currently holding back spending. And another wish: “I would like to have the same status in musicals as we have in fairy tales. Many tickets have already been sold before we can even say which fairy tale will be played this year.”

The “Theater im Neukloster” is currently represented with a music evening on July 27th and “Culture on Tour” in the summer of culture.

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