April 13, 2024
Corsair Nightsaber Wireless & K65 Pro Mini: Test: all-round mouse and compact keyboard

Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries, Logitech, and of course Corsair still tussle when it comes to keyboards and mice for gamers. With Nightsabre, Corsair has finally released a new all-rounder mouse, while the K65 Pro Mini, as the name suggests, is aimed at gamers with limited space or in need of a mobile keyboard. We received the two new products early and connected them directly to the test computer.

Corsair Nightsabre Wireless (169.99 Euros)

Just under 170 euros sounds like a lot at first, but the competition isn’t much cheaper either. Mice like the Razer Viper, SteelSeries Aerox, Roccat Kone XP or Logitech G502 X are in similar regions. Expensive: yes, too expensive: not necessarily. But it’s up to you how much money you want to spend on an input device. It is only important that what is offered is competitive within its price range.

The Corsair Nightsabre immediately makes a good impression. The mouse is cleanly designed and elaborately designed to a high standard. It’s relatively compact at 129.4 x 63 x 40.4 mm, and its 99-gram weight is in the current mid-range. The rodent is based on a rather symmetrical design (although intended for right-handed people) and fits well in the hand, with all types of grip. Textured sides ensure a secure grip.

The Nightsabre has no shortage of buttons. In addition to the two mouse buttons, under which fast optical switches with excellent click feedback sleep, there is a quiet 4-way rubberized mouse wheel with a nice grid, two profile switches behind it and two buttons next to the left mouse button assigned DPI selection by default, arranged well enough to make it unlikely to be accidentally clicked. There are also two thumb buttons, which are also precisely arranged and have good pressure points, for a total of eleven freely programmable buttons.

On the underside, you’ll discover a switch for power, wireless operation, and BlueTooth, as well as a storage compartment for the obligatory USB dongle. The large sliding surfaces made of PTFE ensure that the rodent glides happily on the mouse pad. Of course, RGB lighting shouldn’t be missing, and Corsair gives you seven generous zones: front left and right, two stripes on the back, the logo and cutouts on the bottom back. The configuration takes place as usual via the iCUE software, now finally modular and no longer so inflated.

As already mentioned, the mouse is operated via a detachable USB cable, which of course also serves as a charging cable, wirelessly in the 2.4 GHz range or via BlueTooth 4.2. Nightsabre uses Corsair’s Slipstream Wireless and works perfectly and without significant latencies. Thanks to Hyper-Polling at 2,000Hz, the mouse also has a response time of less than a millisecond in wireless mode.

An optical sensor with 26,000 DPI, known as the Marksman sensor for short, is used as the sensor. The sensor was co-developed with PixArt and has long been used in Corsair mice. So nothing new, but proven technology. As a result, the sensor works as fast and precisely as usual, so big wishes really don’t go unfulfilled.

In terms of battery life, the Nightsabre performs well. Up to 100 hours in BlueTooth operation and up to 65 hours in wireless operation are specified, each calculated without lighting and this is more or less sufficient. Thanks to the quick charge function, you can charge the rodent for around 20 hours in 15 minutes, so you should never get into trouble.

As mentioned, the iCUE software is responsible for the configuration. It’s finally modular, which is a real blessing. Before, you had to download a real monster of software, but now iCUE only extracts the components it needs for connected devices. Settings abound, from keybindings to RGB settings to DPI settings and surface calibration. You can create as many profiles as you like, up to five can be saved to the mouse and changed at the touch of a button.

In practical use, the Nightsabre made a very good impression with good ergonomics, a fast sensor and good button behavior. The wireless transmission also left nothing to be desired. The Nightsabre therefore does not have to hide from fierce competition like the Razer Viper and fully lives up to its classification in the high (price) range. If there are still weaknesses in the long-term operation, we will of course add them.

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