April 19, 2024
Album cover: Christina Simon "My photos"

Haha! And welcome to another issue of FM4 Schnitzelbeats. Due to the current situation, we are dealing with the thematic complex of summer, sun and beach and for this reason we have once again looked around in the Austrian record archives.

By Al Bird Sputnik

The sun and summer not only (like these days) represent grueling heat, but in the context of pop songwriting often also an upbeat spirit of optimism, hope and confidence. It is about the small and great joys of life, about holiday feelings and free time away from the worries of everyday life. Summer, it seems, is the perfect time to celebrate life.

The summer motif was also very popular in national music production and was elaborated to a considerable extent year after year. Austrian songs dealing with the warmer season can be found in large numbers. A small selection, in alphabetical order: “A Haass Summer” (Hubbubs), “Der Sommer” (Lion’s Band), “Es war Liebe ein Sommer lang” (Butterflies), “Summer” (Breathless), “Summer” ( Dominik Steiger), “Summer in the City” (Ulli Bäer), “Summer, Sun, Beach & Sea” (René Kovats), “Summer Hot Ice Age” (Melli Melone), “Summer Night” (Appendix), “ Summer Dream” (Bambis), “Sommertraum” (Mandy), “Sound Of The Summerday” (Bushidos), “Summer” (Rik), “Summer Farewell” (Isaiah), “Summer is” (Madcaps), “Summer is” Gone” (Christian Havel), “Summer sur la Côte d’Azur” (Karim), “Summer Wine” (Ronni Urini & Venus), “Summertime” (Bobsan), “Summertime” (Christine Jones), “Sunny Summertime” (Arthur Lauber), “Sunny Summertime” (John Parker), “Taste of Summer Wine” (Kirstin Lill), “Theme of a Summer Place” (Manhattan), “Warm Summer” (Karlheinz Miklin Trio), “When Summer Comes ” (Lolita) or “Again amoi Sommer” (Wolfgang Aster).

And if we were to include related topics – holidays, palm trees, beach, summer sports, sun, ice cream parlor – then an atrociously entertaining marathon DJ set could be organized here (because 100 hours): “On the beach of Greece” (Claudia Carmen), “Carribean ” (Hermit), “Da kummt die Sunn” (STS), “FKK an der Adria” (Aubergines & Co), “Gemma surfen” (Fun & Speed), “Big City Reggae” ( Dirt Shit ), “Heisser Sand ” (Los Tschecherantos), “High season in ice cream parlor” (Babsi Balon), “Vacanze” (Ex Libris), “Sooner or later I will stay there” (STS), “ Somewhere on the Beach” (Topsy Küppers), “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Honolulu Strand-Bikini” (Los Tschecherantos), “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weene Honolulu Strandbikini” (Drahdiwaberl), “Leis murmurs the sea” (Heinz Fibich), “Leis murmurs the sea” (Hubbubs), “Only Sand” ( Hubbubs), “Sand on the Beach” (Fezzz!), “Sun, Sand and You” (Alfons Haider), “Strada del Sole” (Rainhard Fendrich), “South Sea Dreams” (Rucki Zucki Palmencombo), “Sunn über ‘n Meer” (Gert Steinbäcker), “Unter den Palmen” (Rucki Zucki Palmencombo), “Urlaub” (Peter Schleicher), “Weisser Strand” (Chips), “ ZuvielWärme” (Falco) … and many other songs, among which the 4 we picked for today’s show.

Christina Simon – “Song of the Sun”

The Vorarlberg-born singer Ina Wolf released her debut album entitled “Meine Bilder” in 1973. At that time working under her pseudonym Christina Simon, she had first-class musical support from the pool of the local jazz scene, such as Erich Kleinschuster and Fritz Pauer of the ORF Big Band. And the fantastic opening track of their album “Lied von der Sonne” sounds like a declaration of love for the summer – with the beautiful lyrics: “Sun, come and be warm and be wild. burn worries Sun, come and laugh at the world.”

Album cover: Christina Simon "My photos"


Valie Export – “Have the sun in your heart”

Summer and sunshine were also booming in the Austrian art scene. When the Linz avant-garde director Valie Export visited her childhood friend Ingrid Wiener in Berlin in 1978, the two artists recorded the following song: “Hab Sonne Im Herzen”, a piece of Austrian underground music history in a self-confident DIY home recording aesthetic – and a nice gesture of outright denial too: Nothing up there with musical professionalism and radio suitability!

Album cover: Valie Export

Domestic production Berlin-Kreuzberg

Fragile – “Beach of Italy”

In the punk and new wave era of the 80s, summer is also a welcome theme: for example with the band Zerbruchlich, which came from the lively underground scene of Wiener Neustadt. This short-lived group bequeathed us a single in 1982 – entitled “Italy Beaches” – seasoned with ironic reflections on bourgeois holiday expectations.

Fragile Cover - “Beach of Italy”


Vibra Snax – “I schwitz”

Too hot – the summer in Austrian music history: suitable songs on the subject are found in surprising quantities. As this single by jazz drummer Woody Shabata illustrates, who founded the band Vibra Snax in 1982 together with musicians from the Viennese new wave scene. And just to leave posterity a hymn to summer: “Sudo”. The perfect conclusion to today’s edition of Schnitzelbeats.

Cover Vibra Snacks - “I schwitz”

Extra flat

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