April 15, 2024
Hollywood is on strike: numerous series and films are affected

Actors are now on strike in Hollywood. This threatens huge delays in the production of series and films. Even the new season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or the blockbuster ‘Deadpool 3’ may be affected.

The actors of the US film metropolis Hollywood have been on strike since midnight. This was announced by the chief negotiator of the actors union (SAG-AFTRA), Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, and the union leader Fran Drescher (known from “The Nanny”). Now threaten huge delays in the production of films and series.

“We are the victims”

However, Drescher points out, “We are the victims here. What happens to us happens in every job.” I have been on strike since the beginning of May screenwriters. Both authors and actors are suffering from the fact that more films and series are being produced, but at the same time budgets are declining. Also, fewer episodes are often filmed per season. Even streaming portals would pay creatives less than reps on television.

Actresses and actors ask for one best pay.

Also, the actors want the use of artificial intelligence it is regulated. Computer-generated faces and voices are not intended to replace human actors. The producers also want the actors’ voices or recordings, some of which have been artificially altered, to be used in their future films. But they don’t want to pay more money for it, writes US lawyer Larry Zerner on Twitter.

The union has already tried to collaborate with the AMPTP association, which represents for example Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Disney to negotiate. Now the agreement period has passed without result.

160,000 actors

A total of 160,000 actors are represented by the union in the United States. About 65,000 union members participated in a runoff on June 7, and 97.9% were in favor of a strike.

Stars like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Stiller have already publicly expressed their solidarity.

Protest action at Oppenheimer premiere

On Thursday, the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s film Oppenheimer caused a stir. All the actors in the film – including the likes of Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh and Robert Downey Jr –Left in solidarity the Premierenfeier in London. Director Nolan then informed the audience that this was already the strike.

Additionally, the union announced that all promotional activities for the Grammy Awards will be terminated effective immediately.

Shooting almost impossible

The writers’ strike is already having an impact on viewers, for example many late-night shows can no longer be broadcast as usual. For more than two months, no new episodes of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy will likely be affected

According to US media estimates, films and series could hardly be filmed in the event of a double strike. This would particularly affect the new seasons planned for autumn. The New York Times, for example, talks about the new season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, if the strike lasts until the autumn, blockbusters like “Deadpool 3” could also be affected.

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