April 15, 2024
iPadOS 17 beta is here: new features in the test

There’s not much new in the upcoming iPad operating system. The changes are in the details.

Self iOS 16 was released last year, the lock screen themes at the heart of innovations. For the first time, you can customize the look of the clock, the date and more Lockscreen-Widget Screen.

Anyone looking for similar features for his iPads expected was disappointed. Because the new lock screen features were only available on iPhone. With iPad OS 17 change that: The Lock screen functionality are making their way onto iPads.

I have these Beta version of iPadOS 17 installed and the new features scrutinized. However, there isn’t much new at the moment, and some features will probably only be added over time. One big disappointment sadly it’s there too.


New lock screen in iPadOS 17 beta

New lock screen themes and widgets

who the lock screen theme familiar from current iPhones will not be too surprised by iPadOS 17. The features and setting options are almost identical to iOS 16 and iOS 17 beta.

But since an iPad has a bigger display, you can see clearly on the lock screen of the iPad placed more widgets – at least in landscape mode. In portrait mode (vertical format), the number of widgets is limited to 4 square icons, as with iPhones.

Design-wise, Apple is keeping the reins pretty tight, resulting in a unified and well-coordinated look guaranteed. Widgets in landscape format only appear in a column on the left edge of the screen. Small icons cannot be placed elsewhere.

More backgrounds and focus

Widgets aside, iPadOS 17 now has it more choice of backgrounds. Numerous dynamic background images have been added, divided into thematic complexes such as astronomy, kaleidoscope or weather.

The novelties of the iPad in this context are the focus functions, which can be set, turned on and off via the lock screen menu. This feature has already been known since iOS 16. This allows you to mute certain messages and notifications for a certain period of time.

All in all, the ability to place widgets makes for a lock screen significantly updated. The small and informative icons are actually useful and the presentation as well as the I wait have been optimally successful.


New lock screen in iPadOS 17 beta

Weather app changes

There are small innovations in the native weather app. Once again, iPadOS 17 reaches the level of iOS 17. This means that it is now possible Previous day’s weather history to see The is particularly practical rain gauge the day before.

Also, with the current weather forecast there is always a Reference to the previous day displayed, which greatly increases the information content. In the detail preview, a new graphic for the chance of rain displayed.

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Active widgets

Both traditional widgets on the home screen – i.e. not on lock screen widgets – iPadOS 17 also introduces a handy innovation. Just like iOS 17, widgets are becoming limited actively usable.

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For example, with Apple Music widgets, you can music playback start/stop or select one of the last listened tracks. Even the Bulleted list of the reminder app can be ticked directly in the widget without having to open the app separately.

There are currently such interactive widgets however, hardly available. Before the official release of iPadOS 17, there will surely be more, hopefully those too Google search widget.


Bullets and music playback can be used interactively

The big disappointment

Similar to last year, iPad users will probably have to do without the new iOS super feature this year. The much praised Standby mode it’s not available on iPadOS, which is a big disappointment.

The one from the iPhone idle screen sort of Smart display it’s a particularly welcome innovation. Apple wants to make standby mode available exclusively for iPhones for now.

Especially for iPads with their larger screens, this new feature would be more than welcome. So Apple lets the competition go first, say him Google Pixel tablets with its docking station and hub mode.

Apple could do something about that with an iPad standby mode. However, the widgets on the iPad lock screen have a few more informative content compared to Google tablet hub mode.

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Standby mode with iOS 17 beta

The health app is coming to the iPad

The health app was previously only on iPhones accessible. Due to the limited space on the mobile phone, using this application required a lot of swiping. This made it difficult to track at times.

With iPadOS 17, the Health app is finally here Arrival on iPads. This vast application, with its multitude of information and options, can be handled beautifully on the larger iPad screen with a side column and offers a much better overview.

The Health App on the iPad

More innovations

In addition to the new features that I have already been able to try, iPadOS 17 numerous other innovations come to apple tablets. Some of them are in the current beta version not yet includedsome I have not been able to try and others will only be discovered over time.

For example, on iPadOS 17 it is possible External webcams connect to your iPad, allowing you to produce higher quality video and live streams. However, this only works with USB-C port and should therefore be reserved for newer models.

THE Stage manager gets new features designed to improve multitasking. The split screen feature allows for significantly more flexible options, the individual Arrange app windows – similar to what you are used to from desktop computers.

TO Messages AND Free form the range of functions is expanded. Live activity now they also appear on the iPad on the lock screen and in editing by PDF it is lifted. Untraceable Journaling apps. This will likely appear exclusively for iPhones.

The AirDrop feature has received a new animation

Do I need to install the iPadOS 17 beta?

For the daily use the beta version of iPadOS 17 is not really suitable. As with an unfinished OS, there are some features buggy and it may not work right away. Even the energy efficiency it is not very well solved.

If you still can’t wait, you should definitely enter a comprehensive backup invest. Because a downgrade to iPadOS 16 is only possible with it. If you have a second iPad lying around, you can use it to try out the new operating system.

Which iPads will get iPadOS 17?

As always with a new generation of operating systems, some devices will drop out of support and no longer receive the latest iPadOS.

These iPads will NOT receive iPadOS 17:

  • iPad Pro (1. Generation)
  • iPad (5th generation and earlier)

These iPads will receive iPadOS 17:

  • iPad Pro (2nd generation and later)
  • iPad Air (third generation and later)
  • iPad (6th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

When will iPadOS 17 be released?

Apple has yet to announce an official release date. However, it can be assumed that iPadOS 17 in herbal medicine, close to the presentation of the new generation of iPhone. A release towards the end September respectively October It is probable.

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