April 13, 2024
Norbert Gollinger becomes artistic director of Gutenstein

Norbert Gollinger takes over the direction of actor Johannes Krisch. In the current season, Krisch staged the world premiere of Peter Turrini’s new play “It Must Be Divorced,” which premiered at Gutenstein Thursday night. It was originally planned that Krisch would also play the lead role, but had to cancel due to illness. Now Krisch is also stepping down as director, as Mayor Michael Kreuzer (“GOOD for Gutenstein”) announced at the premiere.

As a “child of the community”, Gollinger looks forward to the new task: “I am from Gutenstein, I grew up here. I look forward to being able to help develop the Raimundspiele in the near future,” said the former ORF state director in a first statement to noe.ORF.at.

Expand the comedy canon

Gollinger, as Gutenstein’s new artistic director, wants to continue the path taken by Krisch with new pieces on Raimund. “Raimund’s comedies are limited. He only wrote eight. And unfortunately you have to say that five of them are very good, three are just good. But we need pure Raimund in Gutenstein, which should be “The King of the Alps and the Misanthrope” next year. But we also need large pieces about Raimund’s person and time, as we are experimenting now with this large piece by Peter Turrini,” explains Gollinger. Already in 2019, a play about the life of Ferdinand Raimund was staged with ” Brüderlein fein” by Felix Mittere.

Gollinger wants to stay true to the place, the theater curtain at Gutenstein. “I still remember the moment we sat on the lawn and froze during the performances. It was cool, but audiences can’t be expected to do that anymore.” Thursday. He received a standing ovation at Gutenstein.

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Norbert Gollinger

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As state director, Gollinger was particularly involved in cultural mediation

The then editor-in-chief of


The career of the now 66-year-old also began in the Lower Austrian state studio…

Very personally Norbert Gollinger


… and after an interlude for “Zeit im Bild” Gollinger returned in 2002, then as state director.

20 years regional director of the ORF Lower Austria

Gollinger, born in 1956, studied German and journalism at the University of Vienna after graduating from high school. Gollinger has worked for the ORF since 1979, initially as a reporter and editor in the ORF’s regional study for Lower Austria.

From 1984 to 1994 Gollinger was editor of “Zeit im Bild” and from 1997 to 1998 he was also head of the service. In 2002, at the age of 45, Gollinger became regional director of the ORF regional office for Lower Austria. On January 1, 2022, he retired after 20 years in this position.

During his many years of work for the Lower Austria State Studio, Gollinger was responsible for numerous radio recordings of Raimundspiele Gutenstein. One of the focal points of his time as state director was cultural mediation.

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