April 15, 2024
The Amstetten band "Unlaengst" in the fast lane

The Amstettner band “Unlaengst” consists of the members Andreas Weissensteiner from Ardagger Markt (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Klaus Gerstner from Zeillern (bass, vocals), Konstantin Wenzl from Oed (vocals, guitar, piano) and Mathias Langmann from Öhling ( Drums).

NÖN: How did you form as a band?

Andreas: 4 or 5 years ago I started writing songs in dialect, just for myself. Consequently, I recorded and developed the songs at home in the home studio with Klaus, with whom I had already played in another band. We then looked for two very talented musicians in Konstantin and Mathias and performed in Öhling’s rehearsal room at Mathias’ house. But the whole thing happened more or less “under the radar”, i.e. without appearances or PR. The project then unfortunately petered out and we only met again at Mathias’s wedding in autumn 2022. the past due to some recent songs about the instruments of the wedding ring. We all felt it couldn’t be like this yet and so in the euphoria of the performance I immediately contacted a booker. Shortly after we graduated our first appearance as support act for Chris Steger in Remise Amstetten by in front of nearly 1,000 people. The little unofficial appearance at the wedding was our cue or go-ahead, shall we say, to appear as a band and we didn’t regret it for a second. It’s probably part of the rubric: “It just had to happen that way.”

How were your concerts in Kemmelbach, Kröllendorf and Purgstall?

In our first year as a band, we already toured through Austria and were allowed to accompany some of the greats of the Austrian music scene. The highlights were definitely the performances with Chris Steger, the Daredevils and the Poxrucker Sisters. The concerts were very diverse: from unplugged performances to thrilling tick-to-tick shows, everything was included. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal fans, some of whom have been with us since the very first performance and are present at every show. This is far from obvious and means a lot to us. We are already planning some real successes for next year, which we can’t wait to see again.

Is it stressful enough to rehearse and hold concerts alongside your everyday life?

We make music as professionally as possible, but at the moment it’s still a hobby, and due to our busy schedules and other hobbies, it can be quite a challenge juggling everything. I also have to mention here that we still do everything ourselves which means a variety of tasks arise. The daily life of the band is very diverse, but also demanding, from accounting, songwriting, technical implementation to media design and booking, everything is included. For us, creating music together is definitely our greatest passion and the band Unlaengst is a real heart project.

What was it like opening for the Poxrucker Sisters? How did you like the mood?

The performance with the Poxrucker Sisters was something very special for us. We were able to play in front of a home crowd with a well-known band from the Austrian music scene. We were particularly pleased that an extremely large number of concert visitors were present mainly thanks to us. Word has already spread that a new band has seen the light of day, and fortunately many people want to convince themselves of the live sound. The atmosphere was truly indescribable and the audience was there from the start. I really like interacting with the audience, telling the stories behind the songs and spending unforgettable moments together. The feedback after the show was overwhelming and we were well received by young and old alike. This fills me with joy and a spark of pride, because we’ve really been working flat out to write and rehearse an extremely large number of new songs in a very short time.

What is your new song about in detail? “Grodo”?

We released our second single “Grodaus” two weeks ago. We are extremely happy that the song has been so well received and is even being played on Hitradio Ö3. This is indeed a great achievement for us and a small reward for the efforts and difficulties of promotion, which we have implemented entirely ourselves. “Grodaus” tells a story of love, of the irrepressible will to defend one’s dreams and to simply give everything for one’s heart’s desires. The song can therefore be understood as a classic love song or as an individual passion. We are happy that we found our signature sound so quickly and will release more singles this year.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have concert dates in the summer?

There are still some concerts in the summer – the next one is on July 21st at the Ballonwirt Aigner in Wieselburg. Here we play unplugged at the Kulturfreitag – a little insider tip, there is always a very special atmosphere here. On July 29th we can be heard in Euratsfeld at Rocknacht. The release of two more singles is planned for this year. At the same time we are of course already tinkering again for the next live season and recording the next songs. We look forward to welcoming many music enthusiasts to our next performances. You can find all tour dates and information on our social media channels.

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