April 15, 2024
"The song remains" Smooth & Vertical

“The song remains”. – The motto of this year’s Glatt&Verkehrt festival has something provocative about it. And at the same time something very current. As Albert Hosp, on the one hand esteemed colleague of Ö1, on the other hand artistic director of the Krems festival since 2018 writes on his website? “It’s happening all over the world: people who raise their voices run the risk of being jailed or expelled. But the protest or the message itself cannot be jailed. There’s a saying in English: The singer, not the song” .

In fact, there is no shortage of militant voices in the Glatt&Verkehrt 2023 program, especially during the main concerts from 26 to 30 July on the stage of the Winzer Krems. It should be mentioned Bia Ferreira, the 30-year-old Brazilian singer and artist, as she defines herself: she prefers to negotiate topics such as feminism, racism and homophobia with grooves from samba to afrobeat.

Bia Ferreira, Kurbasy, Derya Turkan

Ferreira and his trio can be heard for the first time in Austria, as well as the Kurbasy formation from Lviv (Lemberg), which is coming as a duo. Her male colleagues in the ensemble are currently – for known reasons – forbidden to leave the Ukraine.

In Krems, the singers will interact with a cross-border duo, which also has a political dimension: Derya Türkan and Sokratis Sinopoulos have been considered influential interpreters of the Turkish kemençe and the Greek Pontic lyre for nearly three decades. With their music, they bridge the deep political gap that exists between their two home countries.

Atine, Aïda Nosrat, Zur Wachauerin

The voices of the Atine quintet around the Persian singer Aïda Nosrat can also be experienced in our latitudes for the first time: in their program they draw on several centuries of Persian poetry and song. Performances banned in their country: the musicians have been living in exile in Paris for years.

There are two noteworthy premieres from Austria: The Zur Wachauerin trio, with guitarists Michael Bruckner and Fabian Pollack and dialect poet Wolfgang Kühn, expands to an octet and performs songs by country legend Hank Williams translated into Viennese. Williams, who died on January 1, 1953 at the age of 29, would have been 100 in September.

Ö1 composition fee

This year, the composition commission of Ö1 as part of Glatt&Verkehrt goes to the Salzburg soul and pop singer Eva Klampfer, alias Lylit, who is developing a stylistically and geographically unlimited program with colleagues Hannah James from England and Désirée Saarela – who is of Finnish-Swedish origin.

Under the music label Pan-Tau-X, the Viennese jazz drummer Uli Soyka has been inviting various musicians to concerts for years, with the “X” standing for the unknown, which should always mean the moment of improvisation. At Glatt&Verkehrt, Soyka offers a luxury lineup called Cooking Drums with two other drummers: Judith Schwarz and Andi Menrath. Tobias Vedovelli joins on bass, and saxophonist Klaus Dickbauer meanders his own inspired lines across this sizzling concoction of grooves.

Nils Landgren and Johan Norberg

Glatt&Verkehrt 2023 ended with a cheerful duo: trombonist Nils Landgren and guitarist Johan Norberg first met around 1980 and have been working together in the duo Chapter Two since 1987. To this day, although Landgren with his band Funk Unit is now one of the most effective jazz musicians in Europe. In Krems, the two friends will, as usual, transpose jazz standards and pop songs into their own sound world.

Ö1 will broadcast live from the Hof der Winzer Krems for four evenings at the end of July and will bring the musicians to your home. And he fully agrees with the organizational goal, which the artistic director of the festival and music publisher of Ö1, Albert Hosp, outlines very skillfully in the welcome speech already mentioned: “Delighted with an inspiring concert and at the same time shaken by the message to go to home: we want to make such experiences possible.”



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